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Get 3 Private Sessions for $155
Includes 1 Consultation plus 1 Custom Program

We will design a transformation program that works for you by assessing your specific needs, goals and current fitness level. Do what will work for you … because we’re all different!

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Personal Training

Know exactly what to do to reach your goals! Hiring a personal trainer is within your reach. Experience the highest level of personal training available at a private gym in Greensboro.

Weight Loss Training

Find all the motivation and support you need to lose weight—and know how to keep it off for good! With fitness training, you’ll get access to the right training, equipment, and nutrition.

Fitness Consulting

Are you a self-starter, executive on the go, or just have a busy schedule? Reach your personal fitness goals with our custom-designed fitness training programs for use on your own.

Small Group Training

Sweat it out together with great vibes in a dynamic and supportive atmosphere. Reach your fitness goals with like-minded people and a personal trainer that delivers results!

Strength Training

Benefit from the expertise of an experienced personal trainer. Achieve your goals faster and reduce injury risk! Plus, be positively encouraged and held accountable every step of the way.

Senior Fitness

Feel more confident about your flexibility and mobility at any age. Damian lives by the ‘Pay Now or Pay Later’ mantra. You can get fit now and stay in shape for a stronger body tomorrow!


Get in peak condition plus top guidance for initial prep, suit selection, and stage presence with personal trainer Damian Fisher: former Mr. North Carolina & Mr. Teenage North Carolina PLUS trainer of champions in multiple divisions!


When I first started working with Damian, I was not happy with how I viewed my body. I have always been very active but struggled with keeping my weight steady, which was very discouraging. I thought that if I worked hard enough, I could manage my weight on my own—and that could not have been further from the truth! I had two goals when I first met Damian. One of my goals was to lower my body fat and build muscle in a way which was sustainable—even if I wasn’t competing. My second goal was to keep my strength while losing weight. Being a firefighter, it was very important for me to keep my strength be able to perform on a daily basis. Damian not only helped to change how I viewed food, but he helped me regain my confidence and be proud of what I see in the mirror!


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