Everyone can benefit from the expertise of a properly qualified and experienced fitness professional. By working with a personal trainer, you can achieve your goals more quickly, reduce injury risk and be held accountable for and encouraged on your progress.


Damian Fisher Fitness offers individual and small group training, fitness consulting, contest prep and more.


Our clients range from people who have never been in a fitness center to those who are trying to get back on the fitness track, competitive athletes as well as a growing number of seniors.

Individual & Small Group Training


Getting Started


1. First, we begin with a consultation to discuss your exercise and health history and diet.

2. Next, we discuss your goals and specifically define them.

3. Then your personal trainer will create an exercise program just for you to achieve those goals.


We offer 30, 45, and 60-minute personal training sessions. We recommend an average of two to three, one-hour sessions per week. Some clients work with us short-term while others have been training with us two to three times each week for years. We also check body composition every four weeks to track progress. On the days that you don't meet with your trainer, you will follow your customized workout plan for that day.


Creating Your Personalized Workout Program


We utilize different training techniques and methods to achieve the desired results and we tailor it to each specific client's goals, fitness level and personality. We expect you to be responsible for doing some of the workouts on your own. We teach you how to eat and train so that you’re engaged in your own progress.


Damian Fisher Fitness has your fitness answers and has been transforming bodies for years. In fact, a few of our clients are trainers themselves.

Fitness Consulting


We also provide fitness consulting that includes nutrition programs that are designed specifically for your body type, lifestyle, and goals.


A great way to get on track and stay on track. This service works well for self starters who are putting in the effort but not getting the results they want. Or people who live far away and for those on a budget. It provides guidance, direction and accountability to make your efforts more worthwhile.

Contest Prep


Are you a competitive bodybuilder, physique or figure competitor or simply trying to "peak" your physique for an event? We can help you get ready – from initial prep to suit selection and walking on stage!


We can help you:

• design a personalized pre-contest and off-season training program for peak muscularity and body condition

• create a diet and supplement program

• improve your posing and stage presence


Former Teenage Mr. North Carolina and Mr. North Carolina, Damian is known along the East Coast as one of the most influential promoters of drug-free bodybuilding & fitness competitions including INBF, WNBF, NPC and NGA. He has trained and coached numerous pro and amateur natural bodybuilders and figure competitors to success.


We can consult together, by phone, Skype or e-mail. Seminars are also available to small groups.

Workout Videos


In our studio, we create customized workouts with you, then make the most of our time together and practice them with proper techniques. Check out these videos to see how our trainers and clients work together!

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